Reddit - The Mighty Social News Site - Marketing Field Guide (Infographic)
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Posted by: The Digital Marketing Association | 10/24/2012 15:16
Reddit's slogan 'The front page of the internet'speaks for itself, and with millions of subscribers and billions of pageviews it can help any online campaign reach a greater online audience! Understanding how this social news site works is essential if you plan to use this platform.

The site is essentially a bulletin board with entries posted by registered users. All entries are listed in categories of interest called reddits that redditors can then vote for or against. These are then displayed on the front page. Comments can also be posted up and those voted for or against too. It is important to understand who the users are on Reddit and how to post before venturing in.

The infographic below gives insight to this powerful social news platform!

The Reddit Marketing Field Guide [Infographic]